Gujarat riots: Amit Shah backs Maya Kodnani, says she was in assembly, not Naroda Gam

Gujarat riots: Amit Shah backs Maya Kodnani, says she was in assembly, not Naroda Gam

BJP President Amit Shah said on Monday in a special court that former Gujarat minister Maya Kodnani was in the State Assembly and later in a government hospital, the day of riot murders in Ahmedabad in February 2002.

Shah appeared as a defense witness for Kodnani, who is accused of inciting a mob that killed 11 people in the Naroda Gam area of the city on February 28, 2002. He has already pleaded guilty and sentenced to life perpetuity in a separate case of riots in the Naroda Patiya area of Ahmedabad.

The riots broke out across Gujarat after a bogie of the Sabarmati Express was set on fire on suspicion of Muslim mob in Godhra in February 2002. The fire killed 59 Hindus, mostly Karsevaks or returning volunteers from Ayodhya, where the Hindu groups and rival Muslims are locked in a conflict of several decades in a religious site. The blaze triggered three days of retaliatory attacks throughout the state, leaving about 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, dead.

Shah told the court on 28 February to leave the assembly building in Gandhinagar for the Sola Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, where the bodies of fire victims had been taken. He said that Kodnani was also present.

“Mayaben Kodnani was not Naroda Gam but the State Assembly at 8:30 am From 9:30 to 9:45 I was in the civil hospital and I met Maya Kodnani there,” Shah told the IANS news agency.

The BJP president said police escorted Kodnani and in a safe place after the rebel mobs surrounded the hospital. He said he did not know where Kodnani was going, the PTI news agency said.

Shah, however, said he did not know whether a firm in a Kodnani attendance record had submitted evidence in support of his, defense lawyers and prosecutors said.
But the lawyer on both sides interpreted Shah’s presentation differently.

“Amit Shah testified in favor of Kodnani,” said defense lawyer Chetan Shah.
However, prosecuting attorney Samshad Pathan challenged Kodnani’s presence at the meeting and later in the hospital not necessarily forced.

“Amit Shah told the court, Maya Kodnani was at the morning meeting and saw the hospital around 11:30. That shows that she was present at Naroda Gam, when the violence took place,” Pathan said.

The government of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Last week, the court convened Shah as a witness at the request of Kodnani, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Child Welfare in the government of Narendra Modi of Gujarat. Kodnani had initially asked the court to summon Shah and 13 others in his defense in April this year to prove that he was not present at Naroda Gam on February 28 when riots broke out there.

According to his request, and Shah, he wanted to prove that MP Sarkhej followed the meeting and then to the Sola Civil Hospital when the riots broke out.
Kodnani has been released on bail for health reasons since 2014.
In 2009, the Supreme Court has set up six special courts to expedite trials in cases related to one of the worst religious unrest in the country.

Russia, upping pressure on Telegram app, says it was used to plot bombing

Russia, upping pressure on Telegram app, says it was used to plot bombing

Russia, upping pressure on Telegram app, says it was used to plot bombing

Said the Russian security service FSB Monday that the terrorists had used the telegram mail application to carry out a deadly suicide attack on Russian soil, increasing pressure on the implementation of days after the authorities accused him of violation laws on the data.

Russian regulatory authority Roskomnadzor said on Friday it would soon block telegram, unless it handled the information necessary for the application in an official list of distributors to government information.

Telegram has so far refused to comply because it fears that respect compromise the privacy of its more than 6 million Russian users.

Once on the list, it would store user information on Russian servers and transmit user information to authorities upon request.

The FSB, the successor agency to the KGB of the Soviet era, has weighed down on Monday’s stagnation issuing a statement saying Telegram provides “terrorists the ability to create secret, highly encrypted chat rooms.”

He said that a suicide bomber who exploded in the St. Petersburg metro on 3 April, killing 15 people, had used Telegram to plan the attack with his accomplices and became the most commonly used telegram of his type by terrorists operating in Russia in the interior.

The intervention suggests that authorities are required to block Telegram for national security reasons, unless they meet their requirements.

Pavel Durov, founder of the telegram says that the application has blocked thousands of channels linked to terrorism and that if Russia banned terrorists would simply switch to a competing service.

“The appearance of the telegram telling information was used to prepare a terrorist act there three months raises questions,” said Dúrov in social networks Monday.

“It is sad that Russia’s intelligence services exploit this tragedy as a pretext to strengthen its influence and control over the population.”

Alexander Zharov, head of the communications regulator, said on Sunday Telegram NTV that it was only a few days to comply and Dúrov accused of being an anarchist without interest to uphold the law.

“As far as I know, Mr. Dúrov will deliver key information to the intelligence services allowing terrorists to kill people with impunity using this communication channel,” Zharov said.

The Kremlin said the last difference was only the communications regulator. If Telegram was banned, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Poutine and an end user of the telegram, said he and other officials will go to another service.

Dúrov said that the requirements of the communications regulator violate the constitutional right of the Russians to keep their correspondence secret and were technically impossible to meet.

He said telegram doing everything possible to fight against terrorism and that the block would not be useful because other encrypted services were available.

“If you want to end terrorism by blocking things, you will block the Internet,” Dúrov wrote.

SpaceX launches 10 satellites from California air base

SpaceX launches 10 satellites from California air base

SpaceX launches 10 satellites from California air base

A SpaceX rocket carries 10 satellites orbiting California Sunday, two days after the company successfully launched a Florida satellite.

The Falcon 9 rocket exploded through the low fog at 13:25. PDT from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in northwest Los Angeles.

It carried a second batch of new Iridium communications satellites, which replaced its fleet in orbit with a constellation of satellites for the next generation.

Approximately 7 minutes after takeoff, the first rocket actuator returned to earth and landed on a floating platform on a ship in the Pacific Ocean, while the second stage of the rocket continued to carry satellites into orbit.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 was launched this Friday by Cape Canaveral in Florida and launched a communications satellite in orbit for Bulgaria. His first step was recovered after landing on an unmanned drone ship in the Atlantic.

California-based Hawthorne SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes that re-using rocket components will reduce the cost of space launches.

Iridium plans to create 75 new satellites for the mobile voice and data system in mid-2018, which requires six launches, all for SpaceX.

McLean, Virginia’s 3 billion effort involves complex procedures to replace 66 operational satellites used for many years. Some of the new satellites will be called spare orbiting satellites or else remain in orbit waiting to use if the latter do not work properly.

The old satellites exchange and deorbitation have already begun, said Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium, during a pre-release call with the press.

Several former satellites have moved to lower orbits to use their remaining fuel and set up solar panels for maximum drag resistance to fit the atmosphere and burn.

The first round took place on June 11, according to Desch.

“It’s hard to celebrate something like that, but these satellites have almost 20 years of service and ensuring that we were cleaned up after ourselves as we make use of our new constellation is a priority,” he said.

The new satellites also carry payloads for space monitoring and surveillance through the airline Aerion aircraft, which has implications for efficiency, economy and safety, especially in distance air space in the oceans.

“This will make a truly revolutionary aspect of air traffic control,” said Don Thomas, CEO of Aireon.

The technology, which requires the aircraft to be equipped with some equipment, is undergoing testing involving eight of the initial lots of Iridium NEXT.

The NEXT Iridium program will also put an end to so-called “Iridium flares,” whose space enthusiasts have been watching for years. New satellites do not create visible flashes of reflected light as they pass overhead.

Studying asteroids that approach Earth

Studying asteroids that approach Earth

Studying asteroids that approach Earth

1908, there was a big explosion near the Tunguska River in Russia at the beginning of the day. There was no causality, but the witnesses reported a bright blue flash followed by thunder and a flash of glass. Almost 10 years later, scientists have led an expedition. They observed unusual features, such as trees that appeared to have been burned, standing and without branches.

The team was disappointed to have not found a crater or meteorites.
Since then, much research has focused on “impact” – it is important to be the only test case for the impact hypothesis.

Periodic reports that appeared in the days following impact were collected to establish side effects – an earthquake occurred on the Richter 5 scale. Shock waves were detected.

The devastated area was about eight kilometers wide. Atmospheric effects have also been reported. People saw about 100 km of a cylindrical pillar of light blue fire down near the horizon just before the earthquake shook buildings.

Impact is a concern for all of us. Such a study is important so that we can survive. Several hypotheses have been developed. Although it is stated that these are comets, another said that it was a sudden release of natural gas from the earth itself.

The possibilities of these studies are rare. A collision of an asteroid in Chelyabinsk February 15, 2013 provided another opportunity: the asteroid much less the size of a small plane and exploded without creating a crater. The effect of the impact was 500 kilotons in the air blast.

Eugene Shoemaker, an Americangeologist and one of the founders of the field of planetary science, who proposed the Impact theory of lunar craters has also made estimates of impact energy. The effects on the atmosphere, the biosphere have been well studied. It states that the impact was responsible for the massive extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years. The impact crater is identified by a huge circular area known as the KT boundary near Mexico.

The importance of studying these asteroids approaching Earth was made some time ago and special research projects have been initiated. Tracking near-Earth asteroids (NEAT), researching near-Earth asteroids of Lincoln (linear) and similar uses robotic telescopes to explore the sky so that the body moves quickly near the ground. Near-Earth asteroids may be too small to be seen even with moderately sized telescopes. A record of potentially dangerous asteroids near Earth (Phnea) is maintained and these objects are tracked.

The Phnea list increases rapidly with the arrival of new sensors and new tracking telescopes.

There are still a million identified asteroids that could be derived from this list. The approximation distance is usually given in LD units, which represents the lunar distance (384,000 km). For example, the designated asteroid 2014 BS5 moved to land at a distance of 3.12 LD July 23. This is approximately 30 to 50 m in diameter (if circular), and will be a good target for study using radar images.

Therefore, Phnea pose a risk to the Earth, and the consequences of an impact can be serious. We have the technological ability to detect.

The most recent ideas about surveillance and diversion of dangerous people away from the impact of the earth are experienced.
There are a handful of asteroids crash on earth was known. Some of them had names like Lost City, Pribram, Peekskill and Innisfree. They were very small and their impact has not done serious damage.

However, there is a larger body that is known as long as they are land once every three or five years. The nearest approach to Apophis, about 370 km is scheduled for 13 April 2029, when it is likely to be at a distance of 36 000 km.

June 30 is observed as an asteroid day and commemorates the anniversary of the impact of a Tunguska asteroid.

Israel strikes Hamas bases in Gaza after rocket attack: Officials

Israel strikes Hamas bases in Gaza after rocket attack: Officials

Israel strikes Hamas bases in Gaza after rocket attack: Officials

Israeli air strikes have hit a series of targets in the Gaza Strip led by Hamas, officials said, hours after a rocket since the Palestinian enclave has landed in the Jewish state.

Attacks were reported in at least three places in Gaza last night, Palestinian security sources and Olympic witnesses with Hamas bases fell near the city of Rafah and Gaza City as well as the land will open southeast of Gaza City.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said there were no immediate reports of injuries, but an AFP photographer in Gaza has seen at least one bleeding man being adopted for treatment of a house near the base.

The Israeli army said the attacks were in “response to the projectiles striking the Shaar Hanéguev by Regional Council.”

“Two (Israeli) airplanes directed against two military installations belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization,” he added.

This rocket, fired a few hours ago, landed in an open area near the border communities of Israel without causing injuries.

The rocket was claimed by an unpublished Salafist group. Israel and Hamas have faced three wars since 2008.

Since the last in 2014, a fragile ceasefire has been observed along the largely closed border.

Missiles and rockets are fired at Israel periodically, in general, by hardline Islamist groups opposed to Hamas.

However, Israel blames Hamas for all rockets from Gaza, no matter what it did.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 sale on Flipkart, at 12 PM today: All you need to know

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 sale on Flipkart, at 12 PM today: All you need to know

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 sale on Flipkart, at 12 PM today: All you need to know

Xiaomi redmi Note 4 will go on sale on Flipkart and at 12 noon today. The smartphone will be available in gold, dark gray and black colors. Redmi Note 4 comes in three storage variants and starts at Rs 9,999 for the based model. The first sale of redmi Note 4 was carried out on January 23 and Xiaomi claims to have sold more than 1 million smartphone units in India in 45 days.
Xiaomi redmi Note 4 is also available offline. Currently, it can be purchased at local stores in Delhi, Jaipur and Chandigarh in northern India. China’s smartphone maker has partnered with four department stores in the mobile retail business in South India. Redmi Note 4 is available for pre-order at noon every Friday. Users will have to pay online.
The base model of Xiaomi redmi Note 4 with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory costs 9 999. The RAM ROM option 3 GB + 32 GB costs Rs 10 999, while 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM Of redmi Note 4 can be purchased in Rs 12,999.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. It works with 8 MIUI Android-based marshmallow. Redmi Note 4 has a unibody metal design, and the fingerprint scanner is at the back. The USP of redmi Note 4 is its 4100 mAh battery, which lasts easily for more than a day.
Xiaomi redmi voting 4 comments | Read here
Xiaomi redmi Note 4 is a dual SIM smartphone. It manages an octa-core Snapdragon 625 with an Adreno 506 GPU processor. The main camera is 13 MP with a PDAF aperture, f / 2,0; While it is not a 5MP shooter before. Redmi Classification 4 is compatible with 4G VoLTE.
In our opinion, we like the battery life of the phone and overall performance. The user interface is stimulated with some rustic elements such as dual applications, allowing users to run two WhatsApp accounts. However, the weak performance of the camera remains a problem.