92% businesses migrate to GST platform

92% businesses migrate to GST platform

92% businesses migrate to GST platform

CHENNAI: More than 92% of operators, companies and others who pay value added tax in Tamil Nadu have migrated to the tax on goods and services (GST) by registering on the new tax website. Not a year, state commercial taxes

The department has launched a new software called Total Solution Project to help operators sign up and pay online.

“The total project solution is similar to GST software. We just have to change the registry and ask the merchants to learn some steps to download tax documents.

So far it has been easy to encourage traders and businesses to migrate to the GST, “said a senior tax manager.

Since 2016, when the proposed total solution has been deployed in Tamil Nadu, the department received a large portion of the line fee.

“At present, 96% of the total income for the department is online. Only a few traders from rural areas visit the commercial tax offices to pay taxes,” said the official. As for the implementation of the GST, on July 1, the Ministry began to meet with traders and businesses in 350 circles.

“We organized meetings with merchants to clear all their doubts about the GST, and we also trained them to sign their names and give them a password to upload their documents.The training has also been provided to tax officials.

A second round is underway to help cool changes in tax rates for facilities and services, “he said.

Before a meeting in the GST district, the tax service is for merchants and others who signed up for ministry.

“In addition to phoning, we send emails to registered contributors to ensure greater participation in the awareness program.

It is important to keep taxpayers updated on all events, “said the official.

The department will begin to use the offices in all circular offices. ”

If there is a problem when sending documents or recording their names, operators can approach the help desk in the circle’s office, where officials will help to register, “the official said.

Meanwhile, a group of high-level commercial tax department should participate in the GST launch program in New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the new tax regime.