Israel strikes Hamas bases in Gaza after rocket attack: Officials

Israel strikes Hamas bases in Gaza after rocket attack: Officials

Israeli air strikes have hit a series of targets in the Gaza Strip led by Hamas, officials said, hours after a rocket since the Palestinian enclave has landed in the Jewish state.

Attacks were reported in at least three places in Gaza last night, Palestinian security sources and Olympic witnesses with Hamas bases fell near the city of Rafah and Gaza City as well as the land will open southeast of Gaza City.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said there were no immediate reports of injuries, but an AFP photographer in Gaza has seen at least one bleeding man being adopted for treatment of a house near the base.

The Israeli army said the attacks were in “response to the projectiles striking the Shaar Han√©guev by Regional Council.”

“Two (Israeli) airplanes directed against two military installations belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization,” he added.

This rocket, fired a few hours ago, landed in an open area near the border communities of Israel without causing injuries.

The rocket was claimed by an unpublished Salafist group. Israel and Hamas have faced three wars since 2008.

Since the last in 2014, a fragile ceasefire has been observed along the largely closed border.

Missiles and rockets are fired at Israel periodically, in general, by hardline Islamist groups opposed to Hamas.

However, Israel blames Hamas for all rockets from Gaza, no matter what it did.

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